Using Lavender in Food

Lavender is a member of the herb family and like basil or rosemary is edible. We love using lavender in our recipes. It adds a bold citrus flavor to baking and goes will with citrus based baking like lemon and lemon zest. In cooking it complements lamb and poultry and goes well with mint and rosemary

There are many variations of lavender and it has many uses outside of cooking. If you plan to use it in your cooking look for “culinary” lavender. If you want to grow your own plant English lavender which has the sweetest fragrance and is great for cooking.

Add lavender sparingly until you get use to it. Too much lavender will overpower the dish and could make your dish bitter. If you are baking with it, try grinding it in with your sugar to incorporate and distribute the flavor more evenly.

Some of our favorite ways to use lavender:

Lemon Lavender Pound Cake!

Add it to lemon pound cake. We offer a zesty lemon lavender bundt cake in our bakery that delights all your senses. It smells like heaven, has a dense velvety texture, with a fresh and zesty taste. We added a lemon lavender whipped cream and lavender garnish. Go ahead and smack your lips, we understand!

French Chicken!

Check out the recipe: French Chicken

Lavender Peach Crisp!

Using your blender or food processor, grind 1 tablespoon of dried lavender with 1 cup of sugar. Use the lavender sugar in place of plain sugar in your recipe.