Our Spices

We are self-proclaimed foodies! We demand high quality and great taste in everything we place in front of our families. You need to wow us to impress us. We know this is important to you as well. That is why we strive to bring you only the best spice blends possible. We know nothing does more for food than the perfect blend of herbs and spices.

We grow many of the herbs and vegetables right here on the farm where organic farming isn’t just a movement, it is a passion. We do not use chemicals or pesticides in our spices. We harvest the herbs and vegetables at their peak when fully ripened on the plant, thoroughly washed, dried, and sealed in airtight packing. To ensure the freshest, highest quality we process each order as we receive it.

~ Gourmet Salts ~

A passion for smoked salt and Kuala pork that stated it all. Our gourmet salts are crafted to bring subtle modification to your dish or a dynamic transformation! Made with pure sea salt and blended with fresh herbs, fruits, and/or vegetables that are dried perfectly at their peak.

~ Gourmet Seasonings ~

Spice blends are crafted to enhance the natural flavors of food, bring a tantalizing hint of intrigue, or add that punch of wow. But the perfect spice blend is the one you miss when not added. Our spice blends bring that restaurant quality to your home kitchen. You are welcome!

~ Gourmet Rubs ~

Our rubs are created with the food in mind. They work to enhance, tenderizing, and seal in the flavor. We have put on our lab coats and carefully considered every ingredient. Every grain, every flake, blended to complement and work together to give you the ultimate eating experience.

Yo these are the truth. Order yourself up some.

stand up comedian and head writer for CBS’s The Late Late Show with James Corden

I used the Steak Seasoning tonight…there’s no going back. Soooo yummy!!!

owner, Windersons Creations (Mahomet, IL)

I tried the Smoked Sea Salt and loved it!”

Co-Owner, Cow Creek Farms

Let’s Spice It Up.

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