The Market

Our products are organically raised, picked at perfection, and preserved at their peak on our 130-year-old sustainable farm.

Our Spices:

The Salts:
Our salts are made with pure sea salt and flavored with our organic dried herbs and vegetables.

The Spice Blends:
Created and crafted in our kitchen. Made on the day you order for only the freshest blends.

The Rubs:
Our rubs are crafted to bring out the best flavors in meats using our dried herbs and vegetables.

Our Nuts:

The Almonds:
We start with raw organic almonds and season them with our spice blends for a fresh delicious crunch.

The Pecans:
We use Georgia Pecans grown on Pearson Farms and season them with our spices for a truly wonderful explosion of flavor.

The Cashews:
Rich and flavorful, the cashew is one of the most versatile nuts.  We roasted ours in our herbs and spices for a delicious snack.

Our Oils:

The Sunflower Oil:
Organic high oleic sunflower oil known for its healthy benefits and mixed with our dried herbs and vegetables. Perfect for dipping, sauces, and cooking.

Homemade: These products are produced in a home kitchen not subject to public health inspection that may also process common food allergens.

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