About Us


Built in 1889 and christened Cedar Oak Farms, largely due to its location amid a grove of cedar and oak trees, our farmstead shares a long history with the land. Butted up along Middlefork River and Forest Reserve the area was once a popular hunting grounds of the Kickapoo Indians. Area artifacts suggest there had been Indian homesites, but of a temporary nature, not tribal settlements. Even today a hike through the timber will kick up an arrowhead or the occasional bits of broken pottery. Today the river is used for kayaking, fishing, and quiet strolls that allows us an up close and personal view of all the locals: deer, red fox, otter, coyote, and as legend would have it, a lone black panther. Last summer we encountered our first least weasel.

Our Spices:

We sold our first spice November, 2019 after accidently developing an unforgettable smoked sea salt that was so good we had to share it. Since then we have developed 14 other spices including salts, seasonings, and rubs. Fresh, farm grown, herbs crafted with the highest quality spices to enhance foods and tantalize the taste buds. Crafted to bring every dish to life, with outstanding taste that awakens all the natural flavors hidden in foods. We grow as much of the herbs and vegetables as we can on our organic farm. Quality is important to us. We harvest the herbs and vegetables at their peak when fully ripened on the plant. Immediately after picking they are washed and spin dried a minimum of three times and placed in food driers. After drying they are sealed in airtight packaging and placed in cool dry storage. We never use pesticides or chemicals. Our blends do not sit on shelves waiting to be purchased. Instead we fill every order when we receive it and ship it out immediately to ensure you get the freshest, highest quality possible.

This is our story!