After spending 30 years working in finance; our founder decided to leave it all behind. Her passion for cooking and creating gourmet spices was pulling at her soul. So, she took early retirement and is now focusing that drive and ambition into crafting the best spice blends possible. She wants to help busy families fix enticing meals, passionate cooks to turn up the heat, and most of all, she wants to make each meal a memorable time spent with family and friends over good food.

Taking each dish to the next level is not as difficult as one might think-it all starts with spices. Have you ever wondered why that burger at the local pub always tastes better than the one you cooked for dinner? Spices! Our spice blends are crafted to enhance and bring out the natural flavors of your favorite foods. Every ingredient placed in our spice blends is made to complement and balance one another.  Because we care, we grow the herbs and vegetables right here on the farm and never use pesticides or chemicals.

We quietly released our first spice blend, Smoked Sea Salt, back in November 2018. It was simply too good not to share. We have since added a complete line of gourmet salts, crafted spice blends, and specialized rubs. See 𝕋𝕙𝕖 π•„π•’π•£π•œπ•–π•₯ for a complete look at all we have to offer.

Our Mission:

Fresh, farm grown, organic ingredients crafted to enhance foods and tantalize the taste buds. We care about our planet and our community; we never use pesticides or chemicals; and pride ourselves in supporting local charitable organizations.

Our Goal:

To bring every dish to life, with outstanding taste that awakens all the natural flavors hidden in foods.

Why Our Product:

We are foodies! Which means we demand high quality and taste. You need to wow us to impress us. That is what we strive to do with every product we sell. Our blends do not sit on shelves waiting to be purchased. Instead we fill every order when we receive it and ship it out immediately to ensure you get the freshest, highest quality possible. Our prices align with our competitors, but as a local small business our customer service far out measures our competitors.

Our Spices:

We grow as much of the herbs and vegetables as we can on our organic farm. We are building a chemical-free environment. How? We are not the only organic farmers in this area, several our neighbors also believe organic is the best for our environment and health. That means our chances of chemical drift-off is minimized.

We harvest the herbs and vegetables at their peak when fully ripened on the plant. Immediately after picking they are washed and spin dried a minimum of three times and placed in food driers. After drying they are sealed in airtight packaging and placed in cool dry storage.

An order is placed and then, and only then, do we start production.

Most orders are filled and shipped the same day. Larger orders may take up to four days.


Cedar Oak Farms
56 N 2100E Rd.
Paxton, IL 60957


Property Access Is Limited To Select Times and Dates.
We reserve the right to limit access at any time for any reason.

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