The Thanksgiving Table

A beautifully set table makes any meal a special occasion — and what dinner could be more important than Thanksgiving? 

Where did November go? It was just Halloween a day ago, I swear. But today the calendar is saying it is mid-November and I haven’t even considered my Thanksgiving gathering. Normally, because I like to host dinner parties, and I am alittle obsessive about order and lists, I love lists. At this point, I would already have a detailed list of what to do and when along with a detailed menu written out and ready to go. This year I have none of that. Instead, my obsessive focus has been on reorganizing my home. After a long summer of markets and events I have gotten behind on the home front.

This hasn’t been all bad. Organizing had me pulling out seasonal boxes filled with fall décor and holiday plating that inspired me to start thinking about the Thanksgiving table. Thanksgiving may be all about the food, but that doesn’t mean your space can’t look good too. A well-decorated table will convey a message of gratitude, peace, and togetherness—everything that Thanksgiving represents.

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