DIY Cake Stripes

How to perfect even cake layers. These DIY cake stripes will keep moisture wrapped around
the outer layers allowing for a perfectly moist and even cake layer.

I don’t know about you, but whenever I bake a layer cake I end up a bit frustrated. I always end up having to cut the domes off each layer to achieve the nice equal layers I desire. In addition, no matter how I slice it, and I have tried several ways, I will ultimately slice it a bit crooked. This results in either more time spent on trying to even it out and losing more cake or resigning myself to a lopsided cake.

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DIY: Upcycled Writing Desk

The Piece:

Today’s project is a American of Martinsville writing desk. Age: My best guess would be mid – late 70’s. This little beauty came to me already “done”. The issue was the paint was peeling and it was frustrating the owner who just dumped it in my workshop and said, “have at it.” Whoever painted it jumped on the chalk paint trend without doing their homework. You cannot cheat the work. Painting over furniture without first removing the old layers is a recipe for disaster. Especially if those old layer include stain and vanish. Any heavy object placed on the painted top will have the paint sticking to the object and peeling away for the furniture.

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