Christmas Brunch Cocktails

One of the reasons I love brunch so much is that it doesn’t require getting up early and I get to have light and refreshing cocktails. Cocktails are designed to set the mood and entertain. Unlike a mixed drink cocktails are hand crafted with much care to delight all the senses. What could be more perfect for Christmas brunch then hand crafted drinks that celebrate the season.

I am sharing a few of my favorite Christmas brunch cocktails. What makes them even more special is the festival colors and seasonal charm that goes into each one. Mimosas will always hold a special place in my heart and still reign supreme as the preferred brunch cocktail, but here are a few more that will give you cred and offer a cocktail that no one expects.

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Decking the Halls

This year I am looking at Christmas a little differently. Some of that is due to being forced to stay home for an extended period and looking around and taking note. Another reason is the pandemic itself.  I, like many others, am looking at my world differently. With COVID, we saw process plants shut down, food and supply shortages, and a drastic change in the labor force. This has made me a little more self-reliant and that has crossed over in the way I am decorating for Christmas. Here are some of the changes I am applying to decking the halls:

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