Glass Potatoes

Based on a popular Korean dish, Glass Potatoes are small potatoes simmered in a sweet-and-savory miso flavored syrup that results in a velvety interior with a gorgeous mirror glazed exterior.

During summer, I harvest potatoes as I need them. However, at the end of each growing season I have to dig up the plant before the first freeze. I often get “baby” potatoes along with the mature full sized potatoes. I love new potatoes, the actual name for those cute little baby potatoes. For one, they cook up much quicker which is great for those busy weekday nights when you do not have a lot of time to spend in the kitchen. Additionally, a new potato will typically taste sweeter than a mature potato and have softer flesh. You do not want to use them in any recipe that has a long cooking time or they will cook down to mush. But these little cuties are the perfect side dish. I need to use new potatoes up within the first three months which often leads to creative recipes much like this recipe.

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