Spaghetti Seasoning: Recipe Inspiration

Italian Zucchini Boats

Come in from the garden with another delicious meal. Italian Zucchini Boats filled with creamy arborio rice and mild sweet Italian sausage mix in those wonderful herbs and spices associated with Italian foods.

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Italian Spaghetti Sauce

The best part of any spaghetti is the sauce. The pasta is just the tool use to soak up the sauce. We have ensured you get the best possible flavors in this sauce using our spaghetti seasoning.

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Italian Pot Roast

“Undoubtedly, there would be very few men that would decline an invitation to sit down to a juicy tender beef blade pot-roast… Naturally, remembering that a pot-roast is a ‘ress-demanded and a less-tender meat cut, it must be braised slowly until tender.” Taken from “The Rural Homemaker: Volume Two” by Margaretta Dewey. Original publication,1954. Last addition 1979.

We updated this classic recipe and added our spaghetti seasoning to bring the flavors alive. The result, perfection!

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Italian Zucchini Fries

We really love Cedar Oak Farms Spaghetti Seasoning on zucchini. The spice combo blends perfectly with zucchini. Mixing the seasoning into the breadcrumbs and double coating them allows the zucchini to fry up golden and light. This will become a favorite. It offers more flavor than a plain potato fry with fewer carbs.

Sorry, not sorry, if we ruined potato fries for you.

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Want More Recipes?

For dinner and recipe inspiration be sure to check out our food blog, The Wacky Spoon. Ella is our resident chef and recipe developer. She often uses us as her food tasters. Just one more perk of working here at The Farm!

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