Smoked Sea Salt: Recipe Inspiration

The Perfect Fried Chicken

Our Smoked Sea Salt added to the batter of this fried organic chicken bakes up golden and delicious adding that perfect smoky influence. Move over KFC this beauty offers 12 herbs and spices.

Serve it with pearl barley in a chicken au gravy. For the full recipe:

Kuala Pork

Tender, smoky, melt in your mouth kalua pork wrapped in foil and slow roasted. The magic: Our Smoked Sea Salt . One word, delicious!

For the full recipe:

Spaghetti Squash Casserole

Spaghetti Squash is a delicious substitute for pasta. Like pasta, it takes to flavorful sauces.  Rather than compete, it absorbs the flavors. I love to pair it with a rich, robust, tomato sauce that uses anchovies to deepen the taste. The anchovies melt into the oil adding depth and savoriness for a tomato sauce that is truly unforgettable. 

For the full recipe: 

Sweet Potato Rounds

Is it an appetizer or an Hors-d’oeuvre? That depends are how you are serving them. Appetizers represent the first course eaten when seated at the table. Hors-d’oeuvres literally translates to “outside of the work” and are bite-sized finger foods offered at parties and receptions served with cocktails.  I say these sweet potato rounds can be my dinner anytime!

For the full recipe:

Want More Recipes?

For dinner and recipe inspiration be sure to check out our food blog, The Wacky Spoon. Ella is our resident chef and recipe developer. She often uses us as her food tasters. Just one more perk of working here at The Farm!

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