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Do you like farmers markets, the Silos at Magnolia, alfresco farm dinners? Then you are going to love Cedar Oak Farms!


It all started when a city girl who was allergic to hay met a country boy who was allergic to smog and they decided to marry. A toss of the coin had the city girl packing up her belongings and moving to a small town in the middle of no way. Before long the city girl found she kinda liked country living. She fell in love with gardening, planting flowers, and the gentler more peaceful pace of country living.

Life soon got busy again. The city girl traveled a seemingly long distance to work in finance. The country boy began to build his business. A love for old homes had them buying and restoring them, then the kids came along and they raised them in the dust of construction moving them from one project to the next all while grooming horses, adopting dogs, and taking in stray kittens along the way. Until one day they found this old farm home nestled amid cedars and oak trees with a gently flowing river and they knew at long last this would be their forever home.

The home was restored, the garden thrived, the flowers bloomed, and the children grew, went off to college, got married. Then one day while sitting in her corner office longing to be outside with the birds and flowers the city girl had an idea. ‘What if I take early retirement and go back to my roots?’ Once the idea formed it would not let go and Cedar Oak Farms was created.

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In many ways, it is a typical Midwest farm. They raise corn, soybean, vegetables, herbs, beautiful sunny flowers, and pets.

In other ways they are atypical. They (mainly the city girl) prefer long hours of hoeing to chemicals, relocating pests to stomping on them, and embracing thistle weeds as if they were flowers. Unlike many of their neighbors, they do not raise cattle because they (mainly the city girl) found they became too attached to the animals and could not let them go.

Welcome to Cedar Oak Farms. We are excited to share our farm with you. Our Grand Opening is scheduled for Saturday, June 20, 2020. For all the details on the upcoming Grand Opening, markets, bonfires, jeep rides, and so much more be sure to see “The Events” tab. Dates and times are limited so mark your calendars now!

Cedar Oak Farms
56 N 2100E Rd.
Paxton, IL 60957

Questions: inquires@cedaroakfarms.com

Property Access Is Limited To Select Times and Dates.
We reserve the right to limit access at any time for any reason.

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