New Salts Added

We are excited to announce that the new salts are here!

Black Truffle Salt

Adds a robust earthy flavor and is a great finishing salt for all your favorite foods. Great on fries, popcorn, and eggs. Sprinkle it on foods before serving.

Teriyaki Salt

Infused with the tangy sweet bite of teriyaki flavors, it creates a memorable accent to all your favorite foods. Perfect for grilling tenderizing while adding Asian flavors. Teriyaki salt is perfect in stir fries, on tofu, stirred into fried rice and sprinkled on foods as a finishing touch. 

Cherrywood Smoked Salt

Add some drama to your dishes with this clean slightly sweet salt that has been roasted in smoked cherrywood. Adds a clean smoky hue to all your meats, poultry, seafood, roasted vegetables, and potatoes. Add to sauces for additional intrigue and enhanced flavors.

Chili Lime Salt

A perfect blend crafted to add a kick to salt rimmed cocktails, it adds a spicy sweet twist. Made with cocktails in mind, it’s also perfect in salsas, tacos, and sprinkled on Mexican corn.

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