Master Bath & Walk In Closet

Those of you who know us are aware that we have renovated a few homes in our time. Those of you who know Ella are aware that she is always finding more projects. Off of the master bedroom is a closet/storage area that for whatever reason has never been remodeled.

I mean we laid carpet, added a shade, then promptly shut the door and forgot about it. Today Ella opened the door and saw a bathroom with a beautiful soaking tub, double sinks, and a walk in closet with built in dresser and shelves. If you are having a hard time imagining what that will look like, then follow along as we gut, rebuild, and turn this sad space into a master bath with walk-in closet.

Week One (a.k.a. Argument #1):

We need to see what we are working with so the first step is to break it down. This week we will be working on gutting the room. We will also remove the center wall which will double the space.

The challenges will be:
1.The slanted ceiling. Do we cut out a section of the roof and build a dormer to increase head space? Anytime you are working with an older home you can be assured one solution will create another problem. If we add a dormer we could potentially be adding a new roof.

2. Uneven flooring. By tearing out the carpet we can already see that the floor is uneven and patched. Since the beams are solid with no sway in them we are not overly concerned at this point. Currently it appears that the subfloor is 1-inch hardwood and the patching is 3/4-inch plywood. Just correcting this variance should give us a nice even start.

3. By far the biggest concern is there is no existing plumbing around this area. To plumb it out we need to find a way to run pipes down through the kitchen and into existing plumbing without destroying what has already been done.

The Vision:

Stay Tuned:

So how do you update without tearing apart any existing rooms. Stay tuned! Each week we will update this post as we make progress. Intrigued? Join our mailing list so you never miss an update.