Keeping It Local!

I am not saying I do not love Amazon, I do! If I need a unique item in the middle of the night I log into Amazon and get it delivered free within 2 days. I mean the convenience along, right! But I love my local more!

Here at Cedar Oak Farms we couldn’t do what we do, as quick and consistently as we do without the local partners we work with. My graphic designer and printer who help me meet my deadlines each and every time I call on them. The local businesses that display our products and the local network that introduces us to others. It’s has this beautiful dominoes effect.

It’s Healthier:

I know my neighbors. I know how they do business. I know Jeff is an organic farmer and his meat is free of growth hormones and other unhealthy additives. Of course, I’m going to get my meat from him.

It’s Tangible:

I love knowing that money is being spend and circulated in my community.  I can see the improvements to my downtown. I can see growth, new life, and community awareness as we take back our economy.

It’s Unique:

I can walk into a Target in any town, in any state and head directly to the department I am there to buy from. Local brings a uniqueness and allows me to do something I rarely do when I shop. I slow down and browse! I will actually take the time to look around, to pick up and touch. I ohh and ahh and find unique gifts and handmade dishes that aren’t on thousands of other tables all across the country.

It’s Personal:

Small, local business offers personalize service. They know you, talk to you, and personalize your service to satisfy you. If there is a McDonalds on one corner and a McGregors Grill on the other. I’m going to McGregors because I know Ian is patting my burger with Jeff’s meat and seasoning it with Cedar Oak Farms spices then grilling it up the way I love it.

It’s All About the Service:

There are no long waits on a computerize phone system as you punch six different numbers before reaching a real person. It is the owner that often picks up the phone and you can say, “Hey Joe, how’s Katie and the kids? I’m having internet issues. What’s up?” And he replies, “I’ll sent Matt out. He’ll be there in an hour.”

Thank you local craftsmen, businesses, supports, and neighbors!

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