Highlighting Our Smoked Sea Salt

The Smoked Sea Salt is our most versatile salt. This is not your ordinary smoked sea salt. Ours is crafted with a total of nine herbs and smoked vegetables made to bring out the various flavors depending on how, and what, it is used with.

    • Use it on meats to bring out that one of a kind smokey flavor.IMG_5359
    • Use it on popcorn or homemade potato chips to bring out a hint of heat.
    • Add it to olive oil and fresh vegetables and let it macerate for an intense combination that brings out all of the flavors while enhancing the vegetables unique essence.


  • Sprinkle it on pizza and flatbread to bring out the savory salt flavor.IMG_6501
  • It makes the perfect finishing touch. Sprinkle it on salads, eggs, or avocados for a unique saltiness. Go ahead and throw away the salt shaker, you will not want it after this!IMG_6532


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