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Sustainable Agriculture:

The definition of the still relatively young concept of sustainable agriculture is difficult to pin down. While some may point to the organic food movement, or the farm-to-table revolution, others may emphasize local farming, and farmland environments. We see it as a way to support our community, to bring back a way of life that has been swallowed up by industrialized practices. We believe in local and want to help support our local farmers, craftsmen, and artist. We do this by opening our farm and introducing as many local goods and products as we can. During this process we have been overwhelmed with the talent we have right here in our own backyards. We have found award winning hot sauces, organic high quality flour, delicious cheeses, pork, chicken, and beef farmers that take great pride in their farm animals and offer the highest standard of care. So, although sustainable agriculture is a relatively new term being tossed around we still call it country living.

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1. the activity of tending and cultivating a garden.

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/kantri ˈlaif/noun
1. Rural life, especially as distinct from that of the town or city. Also: the lifestyle or pursuits (such as riding, hunting, fishing, etc.) regarded as typical of landed gentry.

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1. animals that are kept for agricultural purposes.