Fall Porch

The country porch is a special place. It is where the morning begins with a steaming cup of black coffee for him and a cinnamon vanilla latte for her. In the evening it is the place we gather to tell each other about our days and make plans for the next. It is where we sit to watch the sun rise and set. It is the spot that gives us the best view of the grove and timber with glimpses of deer, red fox, and wild turkeys all coming up for the oak and hickory nuts that fall aplenty in the fall.

Our country porch is an extension of our living space. And like our home, I like to change out the décor to match the season with simple and easy changes. Changing out pillows and throws, adding seasonal elements, and creating one or two focal points with an invitation to come and seat for awhile.

The Fall Palette

This fall I wanted the porch to be simple, even muted. I avoided too much orange and instead choose whites, creams, and pale greens. I added punches of fall color here and there to draw the eye in and keep it from becoming too dull.

This spring I planted a variety of color and sizes of pumpkins. To be honest I wanted greens and blues but ended up with many whites and oranges due to the ungodly amount of rain that drench our first planting and had me rushing to the nursery to get whatever seeds they had left. Turns out a change in plans can come together nicely.

Adding Textiles

For me, nothing says fall like wrapping up in a cozy throw blanket and enjoying a glass of wine on the front porch. For that reason I like to keep a few blankets nearby and they look so inviting hanging on the swing and rocker.

I really love adding a durable outdoor rug to soften up the dark wood flooring and create some interest. This year I added a doormat with an inviting message, “Thankful”, and placed it over the rug. The layering of textures and textiles adds some fun so the porch does not become too formal.

Simple Is Best

A couple of mums, some pumpkins and gourds, some throws and a pillow. That’s is it. Our porch is small and too much just starts to look crowded and unorganized, like an overfilled closet that needs to be cleaned out.

I keep to natural as much as possible. I much prefer pulling from my garden and adding real plants and fall vegetables to the décor than buying wooden signs and fall cutouts.

So what do you think? I love reading your comments below.

Thanks for stopping by. We hope you join us at Cedar Oak Farms often. Happy Fall!

5 thoughts on “Fall Porch

  1. Your porch is lovely. I agree less is more and I too prefer natural decor. Looking forward to getting some pumpkins and gourds.

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