DIY Cake Stripes

How to perfect even cake layers. These DIY cake stripes will keep moisture wrapped around
the outer layers allowing for a perfectly moist and even cake layer.

I don’t know about you, but whenever I bake a layer cake I end up a bit frustrated. I always end up having to cut the domes off each layer to achieve the nice equal layers I desire. In addition, no matter how I slice it, and I have tried several ways, I will ultimately slice it a bit crooked. This results in either more time spent on trying to even it out and losing more cake or resigning myself to a lopsided cake.

The reason for this is how batter reacts to heat. As batter bakes it rises and loses moisture. When enough moisture is lost the cake stops rising. This happens quickly around the edges of the pan; much less quickly in its interior, where the bulk of the batter has created its own insulation.

Enter cake stripes. The purpose of cake stripes is to provide insulation to the outer cake allowing the center and the outside to bake evenly. I bake cakes so seldom I cannot justify buying them. Besides my kitchen is filled to the brim with necessary cooking supplies like pasta cutters, wooden spoons, and spatulas in an array of shapes and colors.

Luckily, making cake stipes that work as effectively as commercial stripes is incredibly easy and require items you always have on hand: aluminum foil and paper towels.

Step One: Pull off three full sheets of paper towels.

Step Two: Pull off a sheet of aluminum foil the same length as the paper towls.

Step Three: Wet the paper towels and wring out any excess water. Gently shake towels back into shape and fold the towels in half lengthwise.

Step Four: Center the towels down the center of the foil. Fold one side of the foil over the towels. Fold the other side of foil over the towels and foil making a nice tight even rectangle.

Step Five: Fold the foil into thirds and crease.

Step Six: Wrap the foil around the cake pan sealing the ends by folding over the excess until nice and tight around the pan.

Bake as normal and enjoy a nice evenly baked cake that requires no cutting or waste.

5 thoughts on “DIY Cake Stripes

  1. What a wonderful trick, Ella!

    I admit to cutting off the domes (and freezing them to use for future trifles)… and I used to have a layer saw that kept things nice and even – back in the day when I made lots of cakes. Wonder where that thing ended up?

    1. I’m glad you used the domes later. That is a great tip! You can also use the domes for cake pops. I was very wasteful and just tossed them out. Just between you and me, baking is my least favorite thing. I love cooking, but baking is a chore. 😓

      1. Oh yeah. If not later, then they were left on the counter as snacks, The Scot in me just cannot waste (on purpose!) I used to love baking. Now that no one eats dessert, I don’t bother.

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