Christmas Brunch Cocktails

One of the reasons I love brunch so much is that it doesn’t require getting up early and I get to have light and refreshing cocktails. Cocktails are designed to set the mood and entertain. Unlike a mixed drink cocktails are hand crafted with much care to delight all the senses. What could be more perfect for Christmas brunch then hand crafted drinks that celebrate the season.

I am sharing a few of my favorite Christmas brunch cocktails. What makes them even more special is the festival colors and seasonal charm that goes into each one. Mimosas will always hold a special place in my heart and still reign supreme as the preferred brunch cocktail, but here are a few more that will give you cred and offer a cocktail that no one expects.

Citrus Spritzer

One of my favorite brunch cocktails is a citrus spritzer that Southern Living proclaims is, “the drink that keeps Rudolph’s nose so red.” A mix of orange juice, lemon-lime soft drink, cherry juice, and vodka it is a nice alternative to the standard mimosa.


Loaded Bloody Mary

The Bloody Mary remains one of my favorite brunch cocktails. This zesty drink has been around since the mid-30s and there are many recipes out there. This one, from “The Novice Chef“, is one of my favorites. It packs a zesty punch with a minimal amount of fuss. Dressed to impress, it is topped with bacon, olives and celery and is rimmed in creole seasoning. The drink offers both horseradish and sriracha to give it a nice spicy kick.


Christmas Margarita

Margaritas do not normally scream Christmas. Cinco de Mayo absolutely, but Christmas? With a few additions you can turn your favorite tequila drink into the perfect Christmas brunch drink. This drink comes from our friends at “The Spruce Eats“. The base of the margarita remains the same: tequila, orange liqueur, and lime juice. Then it adds cranberry juice and coconut milk for the color and the fun. Ditch the salt and rim that glass with a perfect complement of cinnamon sugar or really give it that holiday cheer with a rim of crushed peppermint.


Festive Irish Coffee

Deck out your favorite morning coffee with a bit of ho-ho-ho! “A Couple Cooks” share this recipe of bitter coffee, buttery whiskey, and frothy whipped cream for a deliciously sweet Irish coffee! A touch of sprinkles and a candy cane add the perfect Christmas cheer.


Merry Mimosa

We cannot leave without offering at least one mimosa. We love this festive version from “Mantitlement“. Usually, a mimosa recipe is a simple mix of champagne and orange juice. I love this version because it adds amaretto, and who doesn’t love the distinct almond flavor of amaretto, and grenadine. The grenadine sinks to the bottom of the glass and just shouts Merry Christmas.


What is your favorite Christmas brunch cocktail? Share the link in comments below. Happy Holidays!

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