Fall Fireplace Mantle

Our farmhouse was built in the late 1800, before central home heating. Most rooms offered a fireplace for warmth. Unfortunately, by the time we purchased the home all the fireplaces had been removed and the chimneys that were hidden behind the walls were crumbling and not able to be used. So it was a wonderful surprise when we found an original mantle hidden in the hayloft. Of course, I carried it back into the house. Today, the mantle is one of my favorite décor pieces.

It has no other purposed than to look pretty. I even choose to keep it all battered and bruised, mainly because it was painted with lead paint and I’m not touching that. But honestly, I fell in love with the dents and chips. It tells a story all its own, in a language I do not understand, but could listen to all day long.

The Fall Mantle:

I love decorating the mantle each season but, the Fall mantle is one of my favorites. I normally tend towards earthy greens and natural woods when decorating the mantle, but fall brings with it a burst of color that I love to bring into the home. This year I went with bold fiery flowers and mini orange pumpkins grown in our garden. It adds a touch of cheerfulness to the room.

Adding Warmth:

An important element is adding warmth. Most fireplaces do that naturally by flicking a wick, or nowadays a switch, to create fire. Since this is no longer a working fireplace I add candles. Sometimes a lot of candles. I contained myself to four this season and placed them on these beautiful repurposed pillars made out of weathered found wood.

The rustic wood pillars pair beautifully with the sleek white vases. The candles are “Farmhouse Fresh” whiskey bonfire. Delicious notes of spiced-liquor fill the air the moment I light this candle! It’s as cozy as a night spent by a crackling fire.

Shop the Look:

  1. Fiery Flower Stems
  2. Stoneware Vase, White
  3. Wooden Found Wood Pillars
  4. FHF Candles with Wooden Lid

I hope you find some decoration inspiration! Please let me know what you think in the comments below and come back and visit us again.

DIY: Upcycled Writing Desk

The Piece:

Today’s project is a American of Martinsville writing desk. Age: My best guess would be mid – late 70’s. This little beauty came to me already “done”. The issue was the paint was peeling and it was frustrating the owner who just dumped it in my workshop and said, “have at it.” Whoever painted it jumped on the chalk paint trend without doing their homework. You cannot cheat the work. Painting over furniture without first removing the old layers is a recipe for disaster. Especially if those old layer include stain and vanish. Any heavy object placed on the painted top will have the paint sticking to the object and peeling away for the furniture.

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Fall Porch

The country porch is a special place. It is where the morning begins with a steaming cup of black coffee for him and a cinnamon vanilla latte for her. In the evening it is the place we gather to tell each other about our days and make plans for the next. It is where we sit to watch the sun rise and set. It is the spot that gives us the best view of the grove and timber with glimpses of deer, red fox, and wild turkeys all coming up for the oak and hickory nuts that fall aplenty in the fall.

Our country porch is an extension of our living space. And like our home, I like to change out the décor to match the season with simple and easy changes. Changing out pillows and throws, adding seasonal elements, and creating one or two focal points with an invitation to come and seat for awhile.

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