Christmas Brunch Cocktails

One of the reasons I love brunch so much is that it doesn’t require getting up early and I get to have light and refreshing cocktails. Cocktails are designed to set the mood and entertain. Unlike a mixed drink cocktails are hand crafted with much care to delight all the senses. What could be more perfect for Christmas brunch then hand crafted drinks that celebrate the season.

I am sharing a few of my favorite Christmas brunch cocktails. What makes them even more special is the festival colors and seasonal charm that goes into each one. Mimosas will always hold a special place in my heart and still reign supreme as the preferred brunch cocktail, but here are a few more that will give you cred and offer a cocktail that no one expects.

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Decking the Halls

This year I am looking at Christmas a little differently. Some of that is due to being forced to stay home for an extended period and looking around and taking note. Another reason is the pandemic itself.  I, like many others, am looking at my world differently. With COVID, we saw process plants shut down, food and supply shortages, and a drastic change in the labor force. This has made me a little more self-reliant and that has crossed over in the way I am decorating for Christmas. Here are some of the changes I am applying to decking the halls:

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DIY Cake Stripes

How to perfect even cake layers. These DIY cake stripes will keep moisture wrapped around
the outer layers allowing for a perfectly moist and even cake layer.

I don’t know about you, but whenever I bake a layer cake I end up a bit frustrated. I always end up having to cut the domes off each layer to achieve the nice equal layers I desire. In addition, no matter how I slice it, and I have tried several ways, I will ultimately slice it a bit crooked. This results in either more time spent on trying to even it out and losing more cake or resigning myself to a lopsided cake.

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The Thanksgiving Table

A beautifully set table makes any meal a special occasion — and what dinner could be more important than Thanksgiving? 

Where did November go? It was just Halloween a day ago, I swear. But today the calendar is saying it is mid-November and I haven’t even considered my Thanksgiving gathering. Normally, because I like to host dinner parties, and I am alittle obsessive about order and lists, I love lists. At this point, I would already have a detailed list of what to do and when along with a detailed menu written out and ready to go. This year I have none of that. Instead, my obsessive focus has been on reorganizing my home. After a long summer of markets and events I have gotten behind on the home front.

This hasn’t been all bad. Organizing had me pulling out seasonal boxes filled with fall décor and holiday plating that inspired me to start thinking about the Thanksgiving table. Thanksgiving may be all about the food, but that doesn’t mean your space can’t look good too. A well-decorated table will convey a message of gratitude, peace, and togetherness—everything that Thanksgiving represents.

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Fall Entryway

This year I am decorating the entryway for fall with soft oranges and muted greens for a soft and inviting feel as you enter our home. Welcome to Cedar Oak Farms!

create a warm & inviting feel”

Pops of autumn color placed here and there, simple seasonal pieces and scented candles provide all the warm and fuzzies in our entryway. I added vibrant fall stems, baskets and bowls filled with pumpkins, and cozy throws keeping it soft and comfortable. I like to always keep the lamp on letting guest know their are always welcomed. Its low soft bulb adds warmth to the room.

“add pieces of you”

Entering a home should not only feel inviting it should also call out a personal hello from you. Add pieces of you here and there throughout the décor. I like to place frames with fond memories, funny conversational pieces and some DIY throughout the home. Our entryway lets you know who rules the home with photos of our pets. The coat racks are from repurposed wood from one of our cedar trees that once stood proud until Mother Nature gave a final huff and puff and blew the tree down. Pop Pops and Jr’s farm boots side-by-side always fills my heart with love.

“simple touches”

I am a firm believer that less is more. I like to add quick simple pieces that can easily be changed out each season. The pumpkin candle can easily be exchanged for a Christmas candle. The bowl of pumpkins can be replaced with ornaments. I follow a simple rule of one large storage bin for each season. In that way it is so easy to pack up one season and set up the next quickly and efficiently. It is fun to update each year with the newest trends, but only spend a lot on classic endearing pieces. Keep the trendy pieces simple and inexpensive. That way you will not feel bad about changing them out in a year or two. Don’t toss the old out. Take it to your favorite home charity instead. My daughter and I like to exchange pieces with one another providing a new look without the cost.

All this year’s home décor pieces are from “Cottage Quarters” on Cedar Oak Farms. Fall pieces are at a minimum so they are running a 25% fall collection sale with free shipping for online orders only. Sale runs now through Christmas while supplies last. Inventory low, order today!