Be Our Guest

Be Our Guests!

It is uncertain times, but we are optimistic and planning ahead for our July Farm Dinner. For this, or first farm dinner, we are offering up a new dining experience.  We want to introduce you to as many new textures, shapes, and flavors as possible. Therefore, we are moving away from the traditional options and instead are offering an eight-course farm-to-table tasting menu designed and created by Ella, formally of The Wacky Spoon.

Our first dinner will take you through the gardens via your taste buds and will be filled with garden fresh, in season fruits and vegetables, savory creations, creamy delights that will keep your taste buds eager and engaged throughout the meal. We also believe tasting menus are perfectly suited for the human palate. Humans suffer from “palate fatigue” after three or four bites. Basically, our taste buds get bored. But not if we stop right at the moment where we are in full enjoyment.

Our goal is to introduce you to new tastes and give you a unique eating experience. Many of the dishes will showcase our gourmet salts and spices (why yes, they will be available for sale). We want you to walk away full while planning your next visit back. All you need to do is reserve a ticket, come hungry, and enjoy the experience. Maybe wear your fat jeans, because, like our grandma, we plan to fed you right.

We are keeping it real! We take your health and ours seriously! And honestly, that is why we think farm dinners are the best options. These small, limited venues do not have hundreds walking in and out all day long. We keep it small, safe, and sanitized so you can enjoy your meal without worrying about anything but enjoying yourself. We offer an outdoor washing station and hand out disinfectant wipes to use at your table. Our staff is equipped with PPE equipment and change gloves between each course.

Tickets on sale today at 10:00 AM. They are on a first come, first serve basis. See the details for all the current information.

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