IMG_0498Happy August! 

August is always a busy time here on the farm. The garden is in full harvest meaning we are spending a lot of time picking, canning, and drying! The good news, we do not have to spend as much time hoeing as we do early in the season. Honestly, this is our favorite time. Harvest time allows us to review the herbs and vegetables and start thinking about next year’s crop. It also gets us thinking about new product to introduce.

Rolling Out:14-Roll-Out-the-Barrell

We have five, that is 5!, new spices in production and due out October 1st. We noticed a huge gap in our spice line. The rubs (1) was looking pretty lonely standing alone in its category. We decided to rectify that immediately and set about working on perfecting our rub line. We cannot wait to show you what is being added to the line.

BBQ Dry Rub – Do you like Memphis style ribs? We do too! Our dry rub is loaded with our specially crafted smoked salt, a blend of dark sugars, a bit of paprika, chili, and spices blended to complement one another, providing you the ultimate barbeque ribs! Keep checking the blog for our Ultimate Barbeque Ribs recipe.

Veggie Rub – We love our vegetables au naturale, but who doesn’t like to get dressed up every now for a night out on the town. This spice is made to take your veggies from the shy side dish to a star course all its own. Blended with several herbs and spices that balance the vegetables and bring the freshness from the inside out. Your taste buds will dance in delight.

Salmon Rub – We cannot lie, this spice was made with our founder in mind. Her love for salmon is well-known around here. Our spice keeps the salmon tender and brings all that flavor to the surface. We recommend sprinkling this spice on top of salmon and grilling it skin side down on the grill grate. That’s it. Sit back and relax letting the grill and spice do the heavy lifting.

Beer Can Chicken Rub – Getting the perfect grilled chicken depends on two things: technique and the correct spice blend that assures juices remain in the bird and flavor seeps into the meat. Our spice blend is the perfect mix of zest and spice. Hey, it’s not our fault if neighbors start gathering every time you pull the grill out. Well, it sorta is.

Chili Lime Seasoning – That unique blend of chili and limes synonymous with Latin cooking is the focus of this spice blend. It adds a savory sweet, yet gentle, heat to foods. Our seasoning is as versatile as it gets. You can use it on meats, chicken, salmon, vegetables, and dips. It will leave your mouth watering.

August’s Spice Code:


August, a.k.a the dog days of summer, is upon us. Turn off that oven or stove and fire up the grill. Enjoy these last days of summer with our top selling streak seasoning. Let us help spice up those burgers and steaks. Just enter the code GRILLSOS for a 20% discount on our 8-ounce tin of steak seasoning.

Spreading our Wings:


We are excited to announce we are moving into stores! If you are near Mahomet, Illinois be sure to look us up in Winderson’s Creations at Sangamon on Main. This boutique shop carries a variety of products and gifts perfect for everyone on your shopping list. I went in to discuss spices and came out with an armful of gifts.

We were also selected for our second crate. Kate’s Creations included our steak seasoning in their July Box.

We hope to be in several other locations soon!

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