August Newsletter is Out!

The August Newsletter is out! Did you not receive it? That is because you haven’t subscribed yet. It’s not too late. Subscribe today!

New Product: Five, count them 5, new spice blends are in production and due out October 1st. Don’t miss out. Be one of the first to learn more about our upcoming products.

DiscountEvery month a new discount on a featured product is included in the newsletter. It is only available to subscribers.

Moving In: We are moving into shops, boutiques, and grocers. If you would like to see the product before you buy you will be excited to learn we are planning to invade a store near you. The newsletter will keep you informed of our progress as we continue to grow.

It’s also a way to learn more about the farm and all the goings-on. There may be some collaborations coming to the farm soon. Keep up to date: Click Here!

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