The Oxford dictionary defines artisans as a worker in a skilled trade, especially one that involves making things by hand. Sixty percent of our boutique is filled with handcrafted items from small, often women owned, business. Our patio plants come from a family-owned greenhouse just across the border in Indiana. One hundred percent of the farmer’s market is locally crafted, as in our neighbors and right here on the farm.  Being able to provide you with high quality produce, meat, jams, oils, salsa, gourmet spices, and fresh cut flowers is especially important to us. We not only know where our products come from, how they are raised, harvest, or made, but we have personal relationships with all of our artisans.

Meet our Artisans:

Cow Creek Organic Farm

Beef: Cow Creek Organic Farm, Paxton Illinois. Cow Creek is a small family farm owned and operated by Jeff and Rita Glazik along with their four children: Will, Clayton, Dallas, and Abby. Using 100% organic farming practices we minimize our environmental footprint on the land. Their conversion to organics began in 2002, because of an interest in sustainable farming practices that preserve the ground and produce healthy, quality livestock and grains. They, like us, like knowing where their food comes from and what goes into producing it and being able to provide that for others. Family, conservation, and sustainability are key components on their farm. Rita is available to answer your questions at every “Market on the Farm.”

Nettie’s Petals

Fresh Cut Flowers: Nettie’s Petals, Paxton, Illinois. Danette Johnson and her husband, Daron, have been growing flowers for six years, starting with just three varieties that they raised over the course of only six weeks. Their farm is now up to 70 varieties. The farm’s name, Nettie’s Petals, was derived from a childhood nickname of Danette’s. Eighty percent of cut flowers sold in the United States come from other countries, primarily in South America, where farms use pesticides. Nettie’s Petals is another local farm that believe in caring for the crop and land by staying as natural as possible which includes uses grass clippings and wood chips as mulch to improve soil health and reduce weed growth and free-range chickens that eliminate many of the insect pests. Come meet Danette at the “Market on the Farm.”

Munger Manor Farm

Produce: Munger Manor Farm is a bio-intensive, family owned and operated Market Garden in Paxton, IL
They grow fresh vegetables and flowers using all natural methods and practices designed to heal/ build and nurture the soil and harvest the very best produce possible! They will be bringing to the market a summer of fresh herbs and vegetables harvested on their farm just 2 miles north of us in rural Paxton, Illinois.

Miller Farm’s

Brats: Miller Farms is a sixth generation family farming operation located in southern Ford County, near Melvin, Illinois. Miller Farms has been raising hogs since 1970. They specialize in raising showpigs, breeding stock and locker hogs for the local consumer. Their pork is grown on their farm and is custom processed at state and federally inspected facilities. All animals are humanely treated and observed daily. They take pride in their home-grown products and strive to provide farm fresh quality. We are excited to introduce another great local vendor at this year’s market.

Cedar Oak Farms

Gourmet Spices: Cedar Oak Farms, Paxton Illinois, is the brain child of Ella. The main focus of the farm is the herbs and the development of gourmet spice blends. The whole family steps in and helps out during the markets, but it is Ella that is the artisan on the farm. She sold her first spice November, 2019 after accidently developing an unforgettable smoked sea salt that was too good not to share. Since then she has developed 14 other spices including salts, seasonings, and rubs. Her focus is to bring quality spices that enhance foods and tantalize the taste buds into your home. Each spice is crafted to awakens all the natural flavors hidden in foods. Our blends do not sit on shelves waiting to be purchased. Instead we fill every order when we receive it and ship it out immediately to ensure you get the freshest, highest quality possible.