Annual Herbs & Vegetables

Did you know that many herbs and vegetables will come back year after year. We started planting perennials a few years back. Perennials save us having to replant each year, but there is still maintenance that must be done. Because we cannot turn the soil at the start of the season we have to rely on a study hoe and a strong back to work the soil and keep the weeds at bay.

What are Perennials?

Perennials are plants that come back season after season. While the top portion of a perennial dies back in winter, new growth appears the following spring from the same root system. This includes not only flowering plants but vegetables, herbs, and fruits as well.

Our Favorite Perennials (Zone 5):

Asparagus- Takes 3 years to establish itself, it will come back 20 years.
Rhubarb – takes one year to establish itself, it will come back for years.
Chocolate Mint

This is just a small list of perennials and the ones we plant here on Cedar Oak Farms. There are actually many more, especially in warmer zones. Learn More about perennial vegetables.

Perennial Upkeep:

All perennials benefit from scattering fresh compost around the plants each spring. Here at Cedar Oak Farms we use brick pathways and raised beds in our perennial garden to keep lawn weeds from invading and the perennials from spreading outside their designed area.  Because the care of the garden requires different methods, and we have the room, we keep two separate gardens: perennial and annual.

We feel the extra work is worth it. These classic perennials along with our heirloom annuals are market favorites, and make our our “farm-to-table” dinners stand out.