Our Founder:

After spending way too many years climbing the corporate ladder in finance; Ella, decided to leave it all behind. One day sitting in her coveted corner office, she looked around and thought, “Hum, this just isn’t me!”  That was because every day a part of her soul was dying. Her passion for cooking and organic farming was pulling her in another direction. So, she walked away and is now focusing that drive and ambition into bringing you the best spice blends possible. She wants to help busy families fix enticing meals, help passionate cooks turn up the heat, and most of all, she wants to make each meal a memorable time spent with good homemade food. Taking each dish to the next level is not as difficult as one might think-it’s all in the spices.

Have you ever wondered why that burger at the local pub always tastes better than the one you cooked for dinner? Spices! Our spice blends are crafted to enhance and bring out the natural flavors of your favorite foods. Every ingredient placed in our spice blends are made to complement each other.  Because we care, we grow the herbs and vegetables right here on the farm and never use pesticides or chemicals.

We quietly released our first spice blend, Smoked Sea Salt, back in November 2018. It was simply too good not to share. We have since added four more salt blends, a rub, and four seasonings. And, we’re not finished there! When you think spice, we’d like you to think Cedar Oak Farms.

Our Mission:

Fresh, farm grown, organic ingredients crafted to enhance foods and tantalize the taste buds. We care about our planet and our community; we never use pesticides or chemicals; and we pride ourselves in supporting local charitable organizations.

Our Goal:

To bring every dish to life, with outstanding taste that awakens all the natural flavors hidden in foods.

Contact us:

We would love to hear from you, please feel free to contact us at any time.


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