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Cedar Oak Farms

We know we promised you 16 local vendors at the upcoming vendor fair, but when you have so much talent in your backyard why not bring in more. We will be bringing 21 vendors offering an array of products and talent. There will be skincare, nailcare, makeup, jewelry, gourmet spices, oils, cheese, meat, fresh flowers, home décor, home scents, chic and trendy clothing, crocheted purses, organic flour. And that is only a few of the items being offered.

We are bringing back our always popular tacos for this event introducing our breakfast taco. This taco is one not to miss! Bacon and eggs wrapped up in a French toast tortilla and drizzled in our Vanilla infused maple syrup available in the market. Try our homemade ice cream with one of the desserts offered in the bakery case.

Please come out and meet these talented, tasteful, beautiful local vendors.

Featured Performer: The Hood Family Band.

Sit Back, Relax, Enjoy The Day With Us!

Fill You House With Farmhouse Charm!

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Cedar Oak Farms

Snuggled in a grove of century old cedars and oaks tucked next to Middlefork River that ushers in dewy mornings with wildlife that comes into the grove to nosh on an endless supply of acorns and wild berries. In the evening as the sun sets we are privy to an explosion of brilliant colors as the day slips into night. This is Cedar Oak Farms

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