— From Our Farm to Your Table! —

Welcome to Cedar Oak Farms and the wonderful aromatic world of gourmet spices. We have high standards for our products. We believe in organic, fresh ingredients that are grown here on the farm.

Looking for that perfect spice blend to bring your cooking alive? Shop our specially blended spices.


How about a nice dry rub to elevate all those juicy flavors in meat? Shop our specially combined herbs and spices.


Or, how about kicking up the wow factor with our flavored salts! Flavored salts can be used to sprinkle on all foods. Just pick your favorite and turn “ho-hum” into yum.


One of our greatest joys is introducing spices and blends. We are always blending, combining, and creating inspiring new blends. We expand as new plants are added to our every growing gardens and inspiration hits. Here is the current list of what we are working on:

October 1st:January 1st:April 1st:
BBQ Dry RubRotisserie Chicken SeasoningSweet & Smoky Rub
Veggie RubSpud SeasoningChili Lime Seasoning
Salmon RubFiery Hot Sea Salt
Beer Can Chicken RubRosemary Lemon Sea Salt
Chimichurri SeasoningMediterranean Roasting Rub

Here at Cedar Oak Farms, we believe in giving back. That is why every year a percentage of all our profits are given back to the community. Learn more by clicking the link below.

The Market Gives Back

Recipes to Inspire

For dinner and recipe inspiration be sure to check out our food blog, The Wacky Spoon. Ella is our resident chef and recipe developer. She often uses us as her food tasters. Just one more perk of working here at The Farm!